Latina Owned Border Based E-Commerce Brand Expands Across the U.S.

When opened their digital doors in 2015 it was with the intent to create apparel that was inspired by humanity on the southern border for those living on the border but the demand for clothing and accessories that accurately represented the diverse backgrounds and stories within the Latina community, coupled  with the pandemic, changed the model.

"Alablanca was created for those of us living on the Southern Border but then we started getting orders from California and New York with messages sharing heartfelt stories about the border! Then the pandemic hit and we...

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Launch Alert: The Fabric of America

Launch Alert: The Fabric of America

There you go doing it again. It's because of you that we've been inspired to create our latest design, "The Fabric of America."  Just like everything we create here at Alablanca, our design is inspired by humanity on the border and even across the U.S.A. This design goes further then the border region. You see, throughout the 50 states, our people are contributing, and have always contributed, to the advancement of  America. Our culture is embraced by diverse communities across the U.S. that acknowledge and celebrate who we are! From the arts to our food,...