Launch Alert: The Fabric of America

There you go doing it again. It's because of you that we've been inspired to create our latest design, "The Fabric of America."  Just like everything we create here at Alablanca, our design is inspired by humanity on the border and even across the U.S.A. This design goes further then the border region. You see, throughout the 50 states, our people are contributing, and have always contributed, to the advancement of  America. Our culture is embraced by diverse communities across the U.S. that acknowledge and celebrate who we are! From the arts to our food, from our innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, to our family unity, our impact is interwoven across all aspects of American life. We are part of the progress and history that make up the fabric of this country. Our hands and our minds have helped shape this great country and our design proudly symbolizes our American pride as Latino people!

The 50 stars representing every state in America was meticulously placed to sit atop a sarape (zarape) background that is known across the world as a design that originated in what is now Mexico. The "Fabric of America" design is printed on yellow, gray, hot pink, and aqua green unisex shirts. Style one out to let everyone know that you celebrate Latinos as part of "The Fabric of America!"

Buy our "Fabric of America" here:

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