Our Story

Alablanca Apparel was born and is growing in McAllen, TX- just a bit from the frontera of Mexico. She's inspired by humanity on the South Texas border and the stories of people and cultura that exists along the Rio Grande. Like many creative responses, Alablanca grew from a place of resentment in 2015 into an apparel line that has been worn by people of all colors from Cali to NYC! Our OG tee, "The 956" was the first off the press showcasing the area code of the 1.5 million people that call the South Texas border home. When the media and political climate was (and continues) painting a negative picture about our people and our region, we responded by printing our area code to proudly display! We've since been inspired to continue sharing our story through other visual statements that are modern minimalist representations of a colorful community! The best part of Alablanca: she gives back to people all the time by donating proceeds to non-profits that are working on issues that effect her like DACA, those seeking asylum in our great country, civic engagement among Latino communities, and equitable access to education just to name a few. Alablanca is founded by twin sisters and McAllen residents, Dalinda Gonzalez-Alcantar and Denise De La Cruz, Thanks for stopping by and purchasing from Alablanca!